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5 Fun Facts

5 Fun Facts

It is amazing to me to think of how many people there are on this planet and how each of us have our own story, our own little quirks, our own uniqueness. I love to converse with people and really get to know them. Not the nice and polite “How are you” type conversation, but the REAL stuff. In the spirit of authenticity and sharing, here are 5 little fun facts about me that you may not have known:

  1. I ended up in Arkansas in an unusual way. Originally from Northern New York, where it starts snowing as early as October and sometimes doesn’t stop until May. I was in a place in my life where I wasn’t sure where I wanted to be or which direction I should go, so I laid an Atlas on the bed, spun it around and ended up in Arkansas. It took quite a while for me to adjust to the culture shock but I adjusted. And I’m beyond happy for the fact that I do not own a snow shovel!

  2. My brain thinks in a creative way which goes beyond photography. I like to paint although I probably couldn’t GIVE my paintings away. I have made reborn babies. If you don’t know what a reborn baby is, it’s worth a few minutes of your time to type it into Ebay. People are either fascinated by these, or completely creeped out. I recently started paper quilling and painting mandala rocks. Those are my new favorite crafty things to do at the moment. But above all, I really like to play with clay. Just like the reborn babies, people either love what I create or they think it’s weird. And that’s ok! I mix a lot of clay with natural elements so a walk in the woods for me is what a shopping trip to Hobby Lobby is for others!

  3. I ride. I love love love the sound of a loud motorcycle. I love the free feeling and the sun on your shoulders. But if I’m being honest, I’m much happier as a passenger. I don’t think I’ve found the bike that fits me yet.

  4. I went to college right after high school, not because I had a desire to go but because I was advised that if I didn’t go then, I probably never would. I was not a serious high school student so you can imagine what happened at college. I went for one year and dropped out because it seemed too hard. I had my own apartment and full-time job and it wasn’t important. Years later, I actually wanted to go back because I had the desire. So with a full time job… and two small children… I went back and was an “A” student.

  5. I gave birth to my children with no drugs. I ended up delivering my daughter all on my own. No one thought I was so far along in my labor because I wasn’t verbally complaining. I delivered her and had dropped jaws when they walked into my room!

So there you have it…5 things about me that you now know!

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